Phoenix Theft Defense Lawyer

Defending Clients Accused of Financial and Property Crimes

If you have been accused of theft or any other property crime in Arizona, your future could be at stake. An experienced criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you avoid serious consequences such as imprisonment and a criminal record that will impact the rest of your life.

I am Zach Murphy, a Phoenix theft defense attorney and former Maricopa County prosecutor serving clients throughout the metro area. I understand how the criminal justice system works in Arizona, and I am prepared to use that understanding to protect your rights and interests.

Evaluating All Your Options for Avoiding or Reducing Serious Penalties

I am able to provide personal service backed by extensive experience. I defend clients who have been accused of all types of offenses that involved the alleged theft of money or property, including:

  • Shoplifting and other types of petty theft
  • Auto theft and other types of theft
  • Embezzlement, fraud and other white collar crimes
  • Burglary of a home, business or vehicle
  • Trafficking in stolen property

I understand how these charges can impact my clients’ future employment and professional prospects, and I am prepared to take whatever steps are necessary to secure acquittals, dismissals or plea bargains that allow my clients to emerge with the fewest possible penalties.

If you have been charged with theft, embezzlement, fraud, burglary, or any other financial or property crime in Arizona, I will diligently defend you and protect your rights. To schedule a free consultation, please contact my Scottsdale office at 602-788-2188 or by e-mail.