“Zach represented my son in a very difficult case that had extenuating circumstances, but due to the fact that my son had priors they were looking to give him the maximum time possible. Zach worked hard on my sons case and thankfully instead of what could have been several years in prison Zach was able to persuade the judge to get my son the help he needs which isn’t prison. Thank you for giving my son a 2nd chance at having a life. I can’t thank you enough for all you did. I highly recommend Zach.”

S.M. Phoenix, AZ”

“Zach Murphy represented our son in a tough case. He was remarkably attentive, knowledgeable, informational and skillful. He has gone above and beyond, getting our son a result beyond our  expectations then continuing to fight for his rights.”

R.S., Phoenix, AZ

“Zach Murphy represented me for over a year and a half, he was always very caring and professional. His knowledge of the law gave me a second chance at having a future with my wife and child. I recommend him to anyone seeking a good lawyer. I was a five time offender looking at no chance, Zach got me probation. He is reliable and honest. A pleasure to have on your team. My family and I are thankful and appreciative for his hard work and consideration.”

L.H., Phoenix, AZ

“We so appreciate all you did for our son.  Thank you for advocating for the best sentencing possible. We are very thankful for your dedication and skill in defending him and for your communication to us as his parents.”

J.S., Phoenix, AZ

“My experience having worked with Zach Murphy proved him to be a competent, knowledgeable, and confident attorney. He was accessible for communication any time I needed to speak to with him and never made an attempt to box me into making any particular decision that would have looked “good enough” as an outcome while making his job easier as I’d experienced with the lawyer he replaced. He made a consistent effort to achieve the outcome I wanted most and in the end the case was dissmissed as desired. Thanks, Zach. I would highly recommend you to anyone!”

C.K., Phoenix, AZ

“Zach Murphy saved my life. His confidence precedes him and most importantly he knows the law. Mr. Murphy got my case dismissed without prejudice which will not only effect my future but my son’s future as well. Thank you Zach.”

R.S. Scottsdale, AZ

“I would like to thank Mr. Zach Murphy for representing my fiancé. He was an excellent attorney. Mr. Murphy was always very professional and attentive. Anytime that either my fiancé or myself had questions Zach always had the answers. I highly recommend Mr. Zach Murphy to anyone that is in need of an attorney. Thank you so much Zach. You truly are great.”

G.R., Phoenix, AZ

“It was an excellent experience working with Zach. It was my first interaction with the courts and he was understanding, honest, and realistic in his all his communication. He made the entire process much more comfortable and left no doubt in my mind about his ability to get me the best possible outcome. He as well used his knowledge within the courts to waive some requirements and make the demands on my schedule significantly less. I will absolutely be calling Zach again if I have a disagreement with the law. Thanks again for everything!”

L.L. Tempe, AZ

“One of my kids had old traffic related problems that should have been minor from several states away and the Courts were not very cooperative, insisting on an appearance in Arizona to resolve the issue. For the cost of a ticket and loss of time we were able to hire Zach Murphy and he took care of everything very quickly, efficiently and completely. He was a pleasure to work with.”

S.C., Portsmouth, VA

“Zach Murphy handled my husband’s defense on a theft charge. We ended up with a much better result than expected. Zach worked really hard for us behind the scenes. Thank you Zach!!”

S. L., Laveen, AZ

“Zach Murphy is an excellent lawyer, he’s very attentive and courteous. I’m a California resident with two prior felonies. I was charged with a felony in Arizona that carried a significant mandatory prison sentence. Zach was able to negotiate a deal for me, 30 days jail with 3years probation. In conclusion, I would recommend Zach to anyone.”

D.H., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“In March of 2011, I had been in a one car accident. I was charged with 3 felony counts of endangerment over a year later. With those charges I was looking at prison or jail time. He got 2 of those charges dropped and got me 2 years on probation, and upon completing, the felony of endangerment would be dropped to a misdemeanor. I would highly recommend Zach to anyone would is facing any type of charges. Thank you Zach!”

D.S., Cottonwood, AZ

“I would recommend anyone who is needing a criminal attorney to the law offices of Zach Murphy. I was thinking about not getting an attorney and a good friend of mine referred me to Zach. Good thing I made the decision to get one and indeed Zach was the right guy. I would have never got through this by myself being an assault charge. He was very aggressive and had my back throughout the hearings and was very patient to all the questions I had asked him. It was supposed to be a felony aggravated assault and was brought down to a misdemeanor assault. I couldn’t of asked for anything better. He kept me out of jail. Thanks again for your help!”

D.B., Glendale, AZ

“Back in September of 2010, I was arrested for aggravated assault (F5) and resisting arrest (F6). Zach was extremely aggressive when it came to my case. Although I know I was not his only client, Zach made me feel as if I was. Whenever I needed to reach him, he was always available which I believe is rare. The prosecution was very tough, but in my eyes, Zach was tougher. I ended up receiving attempted aggravated assault (M1) and the resisting arrest was dropped. I was sentenced to only 6 months of unsupervised probation. I highly recommend Mr. Zach Murphy.”

M.C., Phoenix, AZ

“I want to thank Mr. Murphy for representing me on two of my cases and for showing me compassion and for also being very professional. I was very impressed on my results and extremely satisfied on his work. My wife and 5 kids also want to thank you for being there and walking with us through the whole court process. Thank You Zach.”

P.R., Chandler, AZ

“Mr. Murphy is an excellent lawyer. When I got him as a lawyer, he told me that he would try for probation for me . From the beginning, Mr. Murphy told me it would take some time, that I would have to be patient. I had some doubt about it, but Mr. Murphy tried very hard for me. In the end after six months of waiting, I received probation. Mr. Murphy worked very hard on my case. I would recommend him to anybody. He is an excellent lawyer and is very up front and honest. Thank you sir.”

J.B., Phoenix, AZ

“Zach mostly, I want to thank you for your affectionate guidance, for your understanding, your interest in me, your belief that I was worth being your client. I am able to hold my head up high and was extremely grateful for my outcome in this case. I have done all the courts asked of me, paid my fines in full, and continue to work in my field helping others to recover. You provided me necessary access both in person and via telephone contact – which is praise for your patience and legal skills”

D.C., Phoenix, AZ

Above is just a small sample of cases that I have successfully resolved. Every case is factually unique and past results are not indicative of the result you should expect in your case.